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Dear Colorado Springs City Council Members,

Please do NOT make your assessment on a mask mandate based on fear and fallacies! Please do not treat the citizens of Colorado Springs like children and you, our parents! This is discrimination, pure and simple! One size does NOT fit all!

Regarding masks and COS City Council. It says that a “doctor’s note is required for exemptions to the mandate.”

What qualifies as a doctors note? Would a note from a PA work? What about an NP? Chiropractor? Doctor of Psychology? Functional Medicine Doctor? Doctor of Physical Therapy? Therapist? Naturopath? Who determines the validity of the doctors note or the qualifications of the person writing the note. Who has to pay for the visit to get the doctors note? What if the doctor won’t write one?

How much time do these people have to get a doctor’s note? What about in the weeks it takes them to get it? Are they sadly out of luck for groceries and supplies and going ANYWHERE in public until they can hopefully get one?

This would be a MASSIVE burden on someone who has a physical, emotional or psychological reason to not wear a mask. You may think the number is small, but I bet it’s larger than they realize. You’re going to anger many voters. I know I’m not about to vote you back into office if you vote yes on this.

Think very, very carefully before you choose to decrease the freedoms of the people of Colorado Springs! That’s NOT what you were elected to do!


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