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Dear Representative,

The people of Colorado call for a legislative public hearing with CDPHE in attendance regarding the topic of “contact tracing” and the related testing and quarantine policies being proposed and implemented. We are alarmed at the lack of transparency and accountability to the citizens and need answers to the following questions BEFORE rolling out any new initiative.

1. What do the tests involve? Painful and invasive nasopharyngeal swabs? Or regular nasal swabs? Or blood tests?

2. Is testing mandatory if you have been contacted by a contact tracer?

3. What testing kits will be used? Will there be more than one? Who is the manufacturer(s)? Will the test(s) have been validated? Will their sensitivity and specificity be shared? How will the false positives and false negatives be handled?

4. What if the person has symptoms and is reported but tests negative? Will they still be quarantined? If so for how long? Will they be forced to have multiple tests?

5. Will someone be tracking and sharing with the public how many tests are done and what percentage is positive or negative?

6. Will testing cease when a certain number is negative or will we just keep testing until we find a case or until we run out of money?

7. Will you be doing antibody testing on anyone? Requiring antibody testing to prove immunity after infection or to re-enter society without limitations?

7b. If so, which antibody tests will be used, and will their validity testing be shared?

8. Will people who have antibodies be presumed to have immunity? Will they have different rules to live by than those that either haven’t had the infection or didn’t create antibodies as robustly?

This is by no means a complete list of questions but points to some of the unanswered questions and the areas that have been left undebated and undisclosed. We need public discourse and a deeper understanding of what is being planned behind the scenes. A legislative public hearing involving CDPHE would be the best first step in achieving this.


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