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Dear Representative,

The people of Colorado call for a legislative public hearing with CDPHE in attendance regarding the topic of “contact tracing” and the related testing and quarantine policies being proposed and implemented. We are alarmed at the lack of transparency and accountability to the citizens and need answers to the following questions BEFORE rolling out any new initiative.

1. How will our phones or technology be involved? Will our movements be tracked? Will apps or firmware be installed on our phones without our knowledge or consent?

2. Will facial recognition systems be utilized for tracing movements or contacts?

3. What is the end goal? When does the tracing stop? We’ve had declining cases, hospitalizations, and deaths for weeks now. What is the endpoint? Zero cases? Zero positive tests? A vaccine? Continued indefinitely?

4. What is happening to all the personal and health information being gathered? Will it be stored? If so for how long and where? Will it be shared with another state, federal and private entities under opaque “sharing agreements”? Is it covered by HIPAA protections so there is legal recourse for privacy violations?

5. Will anyone be held accountable or legally liable if the data gathered is misused, stolen, hacked, or used to discriminate against or harm someone?

6. CDPHE stated that this new funding and crisis will allow “stronger architecture for public health surveillance”. That is very concerning to us. What does this mean exactly?

7. Will there be more CIIS participation from pharmacies and providers? Will it be mandatory?

8. Will the public be informed of what information is collected and how to opt-out?

9. Will other viral or bacterial diseases be tracked, in addition to COVID-19?

10. Will the state track what vaccines we take or decline on every one offered?

11. If we decline any vaccine or booster, including the anticipated COVID-19 vaccine, will the state track us more intensively or engage us at our home or work?

12. Will the data used in tracing, tracking, testing, and surveilling now, be utilized later for forcing or coercing vaccinations or other pharmaceutical products and medical treatments?

13. Who will have access to your “surveillance”?

This is by no means a complete list of questions but points to some of the unanswered questions and the areas that have been left undebated and undisclosed. We need public discourse and a deeper understanding of what is being planned behind the scenes. A legislative public hearing involving CDPHE would be the best first step in achieving this.


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