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Dear Representative,

The people of Colorado call for a legislative public hearing with CDPHE in attendance regarding the topic of “contact tracing” and the related testing and quarantine policies being proposed and implemented. We are alarmed at the lack of transparency and accountability to the citizens and need answers to the following questions BEFORE rolling out any new initiative.

1. What is the definition of contract tracing in Colorado and what exactly does it involve? Is it only tracing contacts of cases that come to the doctor or hospital or is there a wider net being cast?

2. Who are the contact tracers and how many will there be? What are their responsibilities and limits? What background checks will they have before gaining access to our personal information? To which privacy standards are they held?

3. Who are the mandatory reporters? What are their roles and limits? What back-ground vetting is done before allowing access to our personal information? To which privacy standards are they held?

4. Where will the tracers and reporters intersect with the public? Where will the screening and reporting be done? Train stations? Buses? Restaurants? Concerts? Schools? Grocery stores? Does the traffic stop? Food pantries? Churches?

5. If you are doing errands, will you be forced to be screened multiple times in one day? Will this be a part of weekly Sunday services? Daily in schools? Will there be surprise screeners that descend on places where people gather?

6. Will there be an armband or a code on the phone given to say that you’ve been screened and are “allowed” to leave your home and engage in society?

7. What do the screenings entail? Risk assessment questions? Taking temperatures? Nose swabs? Will this be done in front of friends and strangers?

8. Will the business be forced to check the verbal personal information against driver’s licenses other ID?

This is by no means a complete list of questions but points to some of the unanswered questions and the areas that have been left undebated and undisclosed. We need public discourse and a deeper understanding of what is being planned behind the scenes. A legislative public hearing involving CDPHE would be the best first step in achieving this.


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