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Dear Representative,

The people of Colorado call for a legislative public hearing with CDPHE in attendance regarding the topic of “contact tracing” and the related testing and quarantine policies being proposed and implemented. We are alarmed at the lack of transparency and accountability to the citizens and need answers to the following questions BEFORE rolling out any new initiative.

1. Who will be quarantined? What are the parameters for that decision? Symptoms? Exposure? Testing?

2. Will you require testing or quarantine on all those with a casual exposure? For example, if a COVID-19 positive person was in Costco on a certain day, would several hundred people be traced or tested? Would they be quarantined? How are those decisions made?

3. Once it is decided that quarantine is needed, how long will that go on? Will the quarantine release depend on timeline, symptoms, or a negative test? 2 negative tests? Some combination?

4. Jill Ryan with CDPHE stated that people would be quarantined without a test. How long can one be quarantined without a test? Could this result in someone being quarantined back to back for extended periods as they start to go to more places and potentially be in the vicinity of someone positive?

5. If you test positive and agree to quarantine, but your family members test negative, will you be separated? Will it depend on how big your house is or how many bathrooms you have?

6. Will the rules vary depending upon your socioeconomic status? For example, if you are wealthy and can live in one area of your 4000 square foot home then you can stay with your loved ones but if you are living in a mobile home with one bathroom, will you be removed from your loved ones and isolated with strangers?

7. Will you be forcibly removed from your home and away from your loved ones against your will? Will sick children or children of sick parents be forcibly removed from their homes and loved ones?

8. Will patients in the hospital be forced to go through illness and/or death alone, even if the family member has PPE or is willing to not leave the hospital?

9. Will children that must go to the hospital for any reason be denied parental attendance?

This is by no means a complete list of questions but points to some of the unanswered questions and the areas that have been left undebated and undisclosed. We need public discourse and a deeper understanding of what is being planned behind the scenes. A legislative public hearing involving CDPHE would be the best first step in achieving this.


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