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Dear Representative,

The people of Colorado call for a legislative public hearing with CDPHE in attendance regarding the topic of “contact tracing” and the related testing and quarantine policies being proposed and implemented. We are alarmed at the lack of transparency and accountability to the citizens and need answers to the following questions BEFORE rolling out any new initiative.

1. What happens if a store owner or someone who you deem a screener/reporter refuses to play that role or participate?

2. How will you ensure that there is no discrimination towards someone who has a temperature or answers yes to one of the screening questions like recent travel?

3. What if the temperature is slightly elevated or that person has symptoms from allergies or common cold? Will they be refused services? Not allowed to work? Tracked? Tested? Quarantined?

4. What if the person has symptoms and is reported but tests negative? Will they still be quarantined? If so for how long? Will they be forced to have multiple tests?

5. What happens if the person declines to give their personal information to your tracers? Or refuses to answer questions or have their temperature taken?

6. What happens if the person gives false information like a fake name or wrong phone number?

7. What happens if they submit to screening but refuse to test? Or if no testing is available? Will you quarantine someone punitively or presumptively without testing?

8. What if a person agrees to test initially but refuses repetitive follow-up testing?

9. What if a person with a positive test and no symptoms refuses to quarantine?

10. What if a person with a negative test or no test but has symptoms, refuses to quarantine?

11. Will there be any coercive or punitive measures for not opting into phone apps related to COVID-19?

12. If someone declines any step of the process, what are the sanctions? Fines? License revocation? Arrest? Jail? Criminal or civil charges?

13. If someone declines any step of the process, does that mean they will be tracked more aggressively, harassed, “visited” by public health with armed police, or stalked at their home?

14. What recourse is there if we are infected by a contaminated test?

15. What recourse is there if you lose your job, business, or home because you are quarantined for an extended period? What recourse is there if this happens based on a false positive?

16. Will there be remuneration for income lost due to extended quarantine? Is there any legal liability for emotional and financial damages that these policies inflict?

17. Will there be any recourse or path for due process to challenge state-sanctioned surveillance, harassment, or violence?

18. Will there be any protection from state-sanctioned violence and harm under the guise of public health towards our vulnerable populations like LGBTQ youth or immigrants?

19. What happens if a parent refuses participation in tracing or testing for a child due to concerns of emotional distress or trauma?

This is by no means a complete list of questions but points to some of the unanswered questions and the areas that have been left undebated and undisclosed. We need public discourse and a deeper understanding of what is being planned behind the scenes. A legislative public hearing involving CDPHE would be the best first step in achieving this.


or send individually to the officials listed below: