Facts About SB20-163

Summary HB20-163 removes power from legislators and gives it to CDPHE and state Board of Health. [1] It requires CDPHE to create…

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Protecting Human Rights

Last legislative session, Colorado State Representative Kyle Mullica and State Senator Kevin Priola introduced the controversial HB19 1312. This bill would…

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Today: Tribute Thursday

THIS is why VAERS is not getting the correct data collection and why the estimate is only 1% of vaccine reactions are reported because doctors and nurses don’t know what a reaction is or even how to report it! Vaccines are still medication and it still carries risk, benefits and side effects.

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Glossary Dictionary Definitione single word close up


FDA on: Inactive ingredients: pharmaceutical necessities and excipients with the exception of the active ingredient. Sucrose: A nonreducing disaccharide composed of 50%…

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