Who is MAC?

MAC exists to defend the rights of Coloradans to make medical decisions around injections without coercion, tracking, re-education, and retaliation from the government. 

We come from many positions. We are staunch supporters of informed consent and consumer protection. Amidst our community you will find diversity, respect, care, and unity.  We are medical professionals, stay-at-home parents, and all professions in between. You’ll find democrats, republicans, independents, atheists, religious, and people with political and social views that cover the spectrum.  But most of all, we are unified in our vision.

We are comprised of partial vaxxers, non-vaxxers ex-vaxxers, parents of vaccine injured, and parents of medically fragile children who may or may not qualify for medical exemptions, anti-vaxxers, even pro-vaxxers.

In our diversity we are united against government force regarding vaccines, we believe that everyone has the right and obligation to make their own best medical decisions for themselves and their families.

One of our key ethos is that we believe the best about people. We help you connect with each other, in order to encourage, empower, and equip one another.

We are anti-force and anti-government propaganda. We are truth seekers who believe in real science and respectful discussion.