We have two candidates on the Colorado Republican primary ballot. As we know, Republicans are traditionally very supportive of medical freedom and are almost exclusively against mandates. Both Greg Lopez and Heidi Ganahl are good candidates and support medical (health) freedom. We know that there is a lot of information circulating and it can be confusing. Here is MAC’s perspective on each candidate in order to help you prepare to vote in the upcoming primary election.

Greg Lopez has definite support amongst the Latino vote which comprises 16% of voters in the state. Mr. Lopez has been very friendly to our movement, has attended many events and is generally a very affable man. He has raised $105,525.11 in contributions as of April 27, 2022.

Heidi Ganahl as current CU regent at large holds the only statewide Republican position in Colorado. She has been in talks with multiple groups in the medical (health) freedom movement and is 100% against mandates. Ms. Ganahl is not loud or vocal about her position on medical (health) freedom and yet the position she holds is both unwavering and unequivocal, we know this because of her stand against mandates voted on by the CU Regents. She has raised $1,018,937.58 between her personal and donated contributions as of April 27, 2022.

So, which one am I supposed to vote for? Since both candidates support medical (health) freedom, other factors play a distinct role. The ability to pull the unaffiliated voters (no gubernatorial candidate can win without a large amount of unaffiliated votes) and minority groups as well as the amount of money raised against Polis’ millions are all crucial factors to consider as you vote.

We hope the best candidate wins and we will fully support either one in the hopes that we will rid ourselves of our tyrannical governor. Did you know that a recent poll ranked Polis as the fourth best governor in the country? Hard to believe since under his watch SB20-163 was codified into law. Don’t let yourself be fooled by our governor’s election year antics and attempts to rewrite history.

We must rise up as a movement of parents concerned about medical (health) freedom. As soon as the primary is finished, we will have more information about specific candidates to support in the Colorado House of Representatives and State Senate and then we need to get to work!