Medical Freedom Movement Demands Balance

Colorado has a rich history of political balance. Traditionally, the strengths and weaknesses of all parties have helped Colorado to achieve its status as one of the most desirable states in which to live.

In recent years the balance has shifted, with the Democratic Party holding a significant majority. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has used its influence to take away medical freedom by limiting the parental right of choice regarding vaccination without discrimination.

The party that says “my body my choice” has denied that same privilege to citizens who support bodily autonomy and medical freedom.

In preparation for the upcoming election, MAC evaluated the voting history of both Democratic and Republican legislators.

We found the following:

  1. All Republican legislators voted against HB19-1312 and SB20-163 except Sen. Priola.
  2. All Democratic legislators voted in favor of SB-163.

When it comes to medical freedom, the data is clear:

In Colorado, 100% of Democratic legislators are against medical freedom, and we have no support from them.

MAC stands as post-partisan and our goal is to endorse legislators who stand for medical freedom regardless of party affiliation. It saddens us that voting records prevent us from supporting any democratic candidates at this time.

For those deeply concerned about medical freedom rights, the best thing you can do is to vote Republican in November. By voting Republican at this time, you are choosing to protect your family’s medical freedom.

We are grateful for Colorado’s medical freedom champions who have consistently stood strong to protect our rights over the years. These legislators give of their time, talent, and treasure to fight against mandates and for our freedom to choose.

We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with them as we fight for our fundamental right to medical freedom