Take Back the Denver Capitol


The session is resuming next week. Our legislators are meeting for the first time THIS Tuesday. Right now it is unclear what the House will do regarding 163.


BEFORE COVID-19, the committee met on Tuesdays upon adjournment. Legislators *could* meet as early as this Tuesday, or it could be put off until another Tuesday.

REMEMBER, 163 gives the Health Department the power to add vaccines to the schedule without any legislative oversight in the future. If 163 passes, they could add an untested and experimental COVID-19 vaccine to the school schedule. Gather all of your pro-medical freedom friends!

Be there!

Check this page daily as we will post the exact dates of the Health and Insurance Committee meetings as we know them. We will update you on any changes that happen, immediately. On Monday, we expect more information about the schedule. Let’s plan to show up more than once!

If we lose our Religious Exemptions we will lose constitutional protection, and we know what will come next.

Contact Tracing and full-blown Medical Fascism is knocking at your door, Colorado!

The money was allocated.

Will you stand NOW with everything you have or wait for the micro-chipping to begin?


Masks are NO LONGER required.


This is our time! This is our Hail Mary!

Be there with ALL the Signs, Bells, and Whistles!

***Also see the post from Andie WG if you need to buy a sign.*** 

One more thing!!! There will be an organized Twitter Storm this week and over Memorial Day Weekend! They will know we are coming!

Most of the legislators are on Twitter and right now. Twitter seems to be the BEST way to get our messages out to them, to local media, and to the public.

MAC is going to do a Twitter push against #163 and contact tracing. Stay tuned for direction. For right now, please start a Twitter account! You can use your name or be anonymous.

When the Twitter storm against #163 begins, you will receive instructions on how to act. You will get in and out pretty quickly while making an impact!

Get ready.

We cannot let #163 pass.