Costco Infringes on Life and Liberty

Why isn’t Costco taking life, liberty, and happiness into consideration when blindly succumbing to policies that could endanger the population’s mental and physical well-being?

“Sorry that you feel we’re not.” Mike from the corporate office reassures me. Costco is getting more feedback from this issue than any other issue. They have several members that don’t believe that they required masks soon enough. Costco claims that members calling is allowing them to gain understanding. They are trying to be good corporate citizens and following policies set in place by the governor. Admittedly, Costco knows that they are not going to get everything right. The hope is that the larger organizations will stand up for the right thing. We are in new territory with this pandemic. 

What about the flu season, Costco? 

The CDC has revised the Covid-19 numbers and the 55,000 alleged deaths were the flu. “Crunched some COVID numbers: 14,758 infected, 766 deaths. Total Colorado population infected: 0.25%. 0.13% death rate in a population of 5.7 million people.” Says a faithful MAC member. 

The questions then become, are we going to change our policies every time someone complains that their safety is being jeopardized? Do you believe in our unalienable rights?

When 6 of my family members tried to enter Costco a young man wearing a mask told us that ONLY 1 adult was aloud per card, because of SOCIAL DISTANCING. All children could enter the warehouse, BUT 1 adult per card. As a woman that loves her family passionately, I couldn’t bear to see us divided. I was so distraught bearing my trauma of separation that I wanted justice!

Are corporate giants willing to stand on protecting humanity?

Do we have the freedom to choose what’s best for our bodies? Is it my choice to wear a mask?

We all need to ask ourselves, at what point is this tyranny?

Enough is enough. Mike assured me that he is with me on the fact that there should be a discussion about masks and social distancing. He is sympathetic to my willingness to have a discussion.

I wanted to know if Mike felt an obligation toward the right to choice. Did I sway Mike’s moral and ethical convictions in favor of the freedom to choose? I opened the discussion in the hope of leaving an impact when the board is creating these policies.

History tells us that in order for the infringement of our rights to bodily autonomy to be accepted by the masses it must be forthright with power and speak in ordering mode. We are seeing how masks, social distancing, referring to the virus as an invisible enemy, and the sacrifice that is being asked is eroding our constitutional integrity.

Even though the state lacks the data to support their executive orders, they are still enforcing them.

I was told Costco appreciates our passion and the fact that we are willing to reach out to engage have the conversations. Mike reassured me that the phone calls expressing our concerns for social distancing and mandating wearing masks will be taken very seriously. The only way that he can accurately do that is by reminding Costco of the implications of tyranny.

Call Costco and respond to how we have been affected physically and mentally by their acts of tyranny.

You are speaking toward a change. Make your voice heard. 

Please reach out to Costco and tell them your thoughts. We have written a basic template for you to copy and paste along with emails to corporate below. 

To whom it may concern,

I have been a member of Costco for a long time. We’ve spent thousands of dollars at your warehouse. You are infringing on my rights, and the rights of others to life, liberty, and happiness. It is in the best interest of the people that you reevaluate your policies and remain neutral when restricting freedom of choice.

Furthermore, both surgical and cotton masks seem to be ineffective at preventing the dissemination of SARS–CoV-2 from the coughs of patients with COVID-19 to the environment and external mask surface. Mask wearing can increase your risk of infection.

One of the major problems with implementing a mask policy is the lack of understanding on how to best protect yourself while using PPE. Are you aware that the US surgeon general has warned citizens against wearing face coverings because it could INCREASE the spread of COVID-19?

I would request that if you are going to require your employees, and ALL staff to wear masks, first read and evaluate the documents below. 

COVID-19 and the Use of Cloth Face Masks Summary of Findings

Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19

A cluster randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers

Effectiveness of Surgical and Cotton Masks in Blocking SARS–CoV-2: A Controlled Comparison in 4 Patients

Can Employers Mandate the Use of Facemasks, and What If Employees Can’t (or Won’t) Wear Them?

Face masks cannot stop healthy people getting Covid-19, says WHO

Thank you.

Send your inquires to:

W. Craig JelinekRoleChairman: President and CEO, Email:, Phone: (425) 313-8100, Fax: (425) 313-8103, Twitter IDs:@CostcoTweets

UPDATE: COSTCO is still requiring masks, but did change their 1 child policy after addressing a post made by Rachael Flick during a time of grief and sadness.

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  1. Beth Pike

    Let’s have some sanity. Please don’t make ypur customers or your employees wear masks unless they suspect they need to. The long plastic shield in front of your clerks at the check out lanes is GREAT, and enough to allow them, if necessary, to be protected from customers. Please don’t make them breathe in Carbon Dioxide all day!! That is a very unhealthy.
    As well, your customers need to breathe while shopping. This virus has proven to not be an actual pandemic. It was good to be extra cautious til we knew that it only has contributed to a death toll in our county of .00016. We need to be focusing on teaching everyone, especially HIGH RISK people, to build up their immune systems with healthy supplements and virus destroying nutrients.

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