Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness During a Pandemic

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What do you think that you will remember the most about the events and after math of the 2020 pandemic?

When Bill Gates’ philanthropy turned into providing medical advice to governments around the world?!

On a more serious note, some of our friends in our MAC community will remember the fear that their family and friends were confronted with during this time. Others believe that toilet paper crises were an attempt to distract the citizens while quietly ripping away our unalienable and constitutional rights.

Our unalienable rights entitle us, as humans, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The fifth amendment states that no person should be deprived of the above. Our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence with the approach to guarantee liberty and limit government. A natural rights, such as a right to life or a right to self defense can ONLY be taken from you with due process.

It has been an ongoing process of observing a squandering of our liberties.

Governor Polis is a HUGE advocate of developing a MASK CULTURE. Every single press conference he reiterates the importance of the cloth mask, but in retrospect, this could be an attempt for these companies to profit during the decline on ROI. Cloth masks harbor bacteria and increase your risk of respiratory virus infections due to the moisture retention, reuse of the mask, and poor filtration. Check out this article!

Gov. Jared Polis shows residents how to properly wear a mask in public.

South Dakota and Florida have shown true leadership by reopening their states last week. Some people have rejected the SD Governor for her strong opposition to the stay-at-home order. This woman is on fire! She comes out and said that she is aggressively attacking the situation by asking people to take personal responsibility by hand washing and staying home if you are sick. Find her interview, here.

We can’t let the government rob us of our basic human rights.

Maybe you think that this pandemic was 5g, the fall of the deep state, a man-made virus or something that has gone unidentified, the fact of the matter they may all be in it together or they may all be completely wrong. Regardless, we deserve transparency. We deserve the right to life, liberty, and freedom!

Governors have continued to report mass numbers. Funding for these states is allocated based on their death toll. We have observed the corruption unfolding before our eyes for a virus that is changing our fundamental right to bodily autonomy.