25,000 Emails and Password LEAKED

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On April 22, the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation, and other groups working to combat the coronavirus pandemic experienced a breach of 25,000 emails and passwords. SITE Intelligence Group, an organization that monitors online extremism and terrorist groups revealed the hack.

As civilians, we’re not privy to any level of transparent intelligence. There have been multiple organizations that have called the NIH, WHO, and the Gates Foundation.

Business Insider reports, “Neo-Nazis got hold of 20,000 leaked email addresses and passwords thought to belong to WHO and the Gates Foundation, researchers say.”

The emails and passwords were first posted on 4chan. 4chan pushes its extreme political commentary.

The passwords and emails that were hacked are being used to gain access to “Extranet” on the WHO website. Users admittedly downloaded everything they could.

The NIH experienced that largest breach with 9,938 of emails and passwords leaked as of April 22.

The Gates Foundation has stated that it is not currently experiencing a data breach. The people have criticized how poorly the WHO dealt with the pandemic.

The WHO has supported China throughout the pandemic.

The US withdrew funding to the WHO because of the promotion for Bill Gates. Fauci criticized the US for the delay in the COVID response prior to Trump tweeting that he was going to pull funding. The NIH, CDC, WHO, and World Bank declined to comment.

WHO has been upfront about its intentions to accelerate the development of a vaccine while simultaneously claiming that measles caused more than 6000 deaths in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This outbreak that WHO is referring to started in the southeastern part of the country and spread. DRC is the 23rd poorest country in the world. They are suffering from water scarcity. Water is fundamental in transmitting and fighting disease.