Understanding “Non-Medical” vs. Philosophical and Religious Exemptions

How does changing 3 categories of exemptions from Medical, Personal Belief, and Religious to Medical and Non-Medical affect our communities?

Do you believe that Colorado will become California? Let’s look at vaccination requirements and restrictions. Senator Gonzales’ new term “Community Immunity” is not NEW. Senator Pan used this term here: (VID). Over the past 6 years, legislators have been aggressively implementing tactics to get data on families who choose to practice their religious and philosophical liberties.

Why Isn’t Non-Medical Fitting?

In 2015 California passed SB277, which removed Personal Belief and Religious belief Exemptions. Senator Pan promised he would never come after the Medical Exemptions. In 2019, SB276 introduced new exemptions starting in January 2021 to be submitted to the database.

New Medical Exemptions will be submitted to a State Board for approval. Doctors who have never met or spoke with a parent/guardian about their child’s health history will be deciding if these children’s Medical Exemptions were valid or not.

All pre-existing Medical Exemptions deemed invalid.

How does this apply to Colorado?

Colorado is doing what California did to their citizens, and all existing Medical Exemptions will be declared invalid. To claim a Medical Exemption the parent will need to get a doctors signature and the doctor has to enter the information into CIIS (Colorado Immunization Information System). 

The State is using this data and doctors will be under pressure to submit all forms. Many children who currently have a Medical Exemption will not be able to get them again. It is not adequate to say that doctors are leery to give a ME. Doctors are more reluctant as time progresses to sign off on exemptions.

Why is Philosophical and Religious Exemptions vs. Non-Medical an Issue?

This affects anyone that does not vaccinate for religious reasons, personal or philosophical beliefs. Some ingredients in vaccines are forbidden in certain religions. This may apply to your doctrine if abortion is against the teachings of your religion. See the Voice of Truth white paper.

You can find the excipient list here: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/b/excipient-table-2.pdf

These legislators believe there is no distinction between religious or philosophical beliefs, and non-medical. Mothers and fathers say different!

Who knows your child’s allergies? Who understands how to console your child if your child is acting out? Has anyone ever attempted to teach your child how to survive with their handicap?

The medical freedom community is experiencing discrimination for practicing our freedom of religion. By combining these exemptions we are moving in the same direction as California, New York, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Maine.

The AAP are stakeholders in 163.

In 2019, the American Academy of Pediatrics declared the elimination of non-medical vaccine exemptions ranked their number one priority at their Annual Leadership Forum.

Here is where you can read about that. https://www.aappublications.org/news/2019/03/16/alfresolutions031619.

Senators Gonzales, Priola and Representative Mullica’s bill will eliminate our Religious and Philosophical exemption and reasons to abstain from vaccination. They may come back to eliminate all exemptions except Medical Exemptions. By doing this it removes the ability for a protected class (people exercising heir religious freedom) to abstain from exemptions. It discriminated against non-religious people exercising their right to abstain from vaccines. 

Tracking a minority.

The data tracking on 163 is a fundamental issue. Currently, there is no vaccine for Coronavirus. Consequently, if there were an outbreak individuals with exemptions would be subject to CDPHE publicly releasing Private Identification Information. People exercising their right to take Medical and the proposed Non-Medical Exemptions will be tracked in the CIIS. Tracking a minority of people is dangerous. History has shown us the devastating consequences of governments using databases inappropriately to harm the ones being tracked. 

Does one truly believe that allowing this information to be readily available will not cause lawsuits with third-party data breaches?

The information on a child’s medical history is not a concern of the community, but citizens are allowing these presumptuous modalities to be used.

Contact all of the House Representatives and Governor Polis, and let them know what you think about this and how it makes you feel. Email them. Call them.

Don’t wait. No one can fight this battle for your children, except you. This is YOUR battle to fight.

Link to a directory of all of the House members: http://leg.colorado.gov/legislators?field_chamber_target_id=1&field_political_affiliation_target_id=All&sort_bef_combine=field_last_name_value%20ASC

Governor Polis’ phone number: (303) 866-4075

Governor Polis’ email: governorpolis@state.co.us