7 Do’s When Talking to Legislators

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  1. Discuss points specific to the bill and only the bill. Breakdown the logistics. This is not mandating vaccines. It’s mandating other procedures. Talk about those.
  2. Look into how the tracking would violate FERPA. Because the system would contain private health information.
  3. The module is biased and in favor of the product. It most likely does not discuss serious side effects that are listed on the product inserts. Would they be willing to allow leaders from our community to help create the module so that it’s balanced? 
  4. Discuss how this will overload doctors. Who will pay for this? Insurance or state or out-of-pocket for parents? What will the cost of these visits be?  Estimate how many families are either non-vax or have alternate schedules. 
  5. Immunocompromised families can testify to the fact that the community-at-large cannot protect the immunocompromised. That MRSA is lurking on shopping carts so immunocompromised parents have to be careful of everything and mass vaccination is not going to protect their children. Families should tell leg’s that they did not bring their children because they would never expose their children to thousands of people at one time.
  6. Be offensive and bring up the measles outbreak in New York before they do. Discuss that even though it was the worst in 20 years, it’s still .003% of the population. Stop fear-mongering over a tiny percent of the population. And compare us to New York that in a city as big as New York with millions and millions of people living in close proximity. They only had around 1,200 people contract measles and that was when a religious group was purposely spreading it so that people could have exposure to it and gain lifelong immunity. Colorado does not have the density nor the population that New York does and we are not at risk for the same type of outbreak. 
  7. Focus on:
    1. CDPHE power grab. They will be able to make rules without any legislative process or input.
    2. Loss of exemption categories. They’ve blocked us in because their argument is: why should the state know your private reason for not vaccinating? This needs to be countered. 


  1. Don’t shame the Democrats or even bring up the word Democrats. The ones that are on the fence are under a lot of peer pressure and if you lump them into one group, they will stay in one group instead of taking an individual approach and voting how they deem appropriate. 
  2. They will vote yes to spite you. No vaccine mandate talk because this is not a vaccine mandate. Less talking about the dangers of vaccines and more about the tracking and violation of rights. Break down the bill by talking about the logistics of implementing the bill.

Download SB20-163 Here