5 Things to Consider About the Herd Immunity Myth

Throughout history, the ideology that there is a “greater good” cause to justify ritual sacrifice has influenced countless wars and destruction at the expense of minorities.

Ironically, it is only the “minority” that has ever affected real change and brought about revolution or innovation. It is only those who dare go against the current that finds there are other possible currents. Too many blindly accept the belief that someone else is doing the science when it comes to our systemic immunity, while only a few courageous enough to investigate have found the science is sorely lacking, and that because we have behaved like herds, we have lost natural immunity in the name of “herd immunity.”

In the 1930s, A W Hedrich found that only approximately 55% of a given population who had naturally overcome the measles was sufficient to protect the rest with their lifelong immunity(1). This was the original definition of “herd immunity.” How convenient for profits and prestige that the industry and its captured regulatory agencies now insist vaccine-induced immunity requires 95% or more, and even then you need boosters(2), and even then the vaccinated can still catch what they’re vaccinated against(3).

How can vaccines create herd immunity when you need boosters, and can still catch the disease?

If their 95% figure is accurate, it’s impossible simply due to the nature of vaccinology.

Additionally, we know that most of the infectious diseases began declining without vaccines due to improved nutrition and sanitation(4).

Scarlet fever and malaria had no vaccines, and yet they declined at the same rate as polio and the rest when we became more aware of not only how important hygiene and nutrition are, but also how certain chemicals can have devastating effects on the human body. Remember, DDT was “settled science” in the polio days, and the doctors who had concerns about tobacco use causing cancer were considered “quacks” at first. If our government agencies and medical institutions truly wanted the world to have herd immunity, wouldn’t it have made more sense to bring improved nutrition and sanitation systems to other countries instead of profitable vaccines, and then watched to see what was left to deal with?

What is “herd immunity?”

  • To answer that, we need to understand the entire immune system, not just the adaptive part vaccines target. Systems engineer Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai explains the immune system parts most articulately(5):
  • The innate system is where it all begins, the first 72 hours where the antigen is acknowledged and non-specific agents like macrophages, neutrophils, and dendritic cells are sent as infantry to attack anything that doesn’t belong.
  • This initiation then triggers the adaptive system, comprised of T-cells and B-cells, which gets more specific by generating antibodies against the antigen.
  • The interferon system (IFN) has multiple parts that provide a feedback loop to help regulate how both the adaptive and innate systems handle this invasion and commit the process to memory.
  • The microbiome system, comprised of trillions of bacteria and viruses, determines our overall health by the ratio of bacteria in it and communicates directly with our neural system.

Dr. Shiva explains that when you skip all the other systems by injecting directly into the adaptive system for the sole purpose of the antibody variable, the other systems will still turn on and try to modulate and regulate and rebalance the process, and that is part of what has been triggering autoimmunity and neurological disorders. Many other doctors and scientists will add that the adjuvants and carcinogenic additive cocktail injected with the antigen causes toxicity and cancer, and possibly even gives them free rides through the blood-brain barrier and into the brain where the body cannot detox them properly.

This brings us to the finale: natural immunity is the true herd immunity.

Our immune systems have evolved over many millennia. They are smart and effective all on their own if given the nutrients and conditions to function as they naturally should. This is the default; we are healthy until we perturb our natural systems. Via the process Dr. Shiva describes above, our bodies are designed to integrate bacteria and viruses. These microbials are not the evil demons the industry makes them out to be. They deplete specific micronutrients — every single virus does! — and that deficiency is what causes complications and death. This is evident by the fact that when you treat a measles-infected patient with vitamins A and C, they fully recover every time unless their system is for some reason not absorbing or utilizing the vitamins properly(6). The micronutrient depleted depends on the virus or bacteria. Many pharmaceuticals deplete these micronutrients, and your doctor likely doesn’t know they’re contributing to your risk of contracting disease merely by prescribing pharmaceuticals as their job(7)(8)(9)(10).

We were acquiring natural herd immunity just fine when our elderly’s systems were boosted by being around infected kids who also boosted adults, while the breastmilk of mothers who had survived the infections protected babies too young to safely overcome the infection.

True herd immunity was in that environment, only 55% of the population needed to naturally overcome the infection.

I, for one, wish we had heeded the many doctors and scientists who have been warning us for over a hundred years that vaccinating has been a huge mistake(11).

However, whether you would rather have immunity dependent on a for-profit industry rife with corruption or the natural, healthy kind that truly improves the immune systems of both individuals and communities only matters when you still have a choice, right?

“In vaccine science, we are extrapolating or concluding that if we vaccinate a certain percentage of people, we are imparting protection on those who have not been vaccinated. And that has NOT been shown to be true, because the true herd immunity, in theory, is based on an ACTIVE DISEASE, and we know that despite what we’re taught, vaccination does not mimic the natural disease. So we cannot use the same model of herd immunity in a natural disease in the vaccination policy. But unfortunately, we do use it even though it cannot be used because it doesn’t have scientific backing. What’s most interesting to me is that the entire concept of herd immunity fails to acknowledge that there is a life cycle of the viruses and the bacteria all on their own and that what turns them on and off may have nothing to do with the percentage of people who have been infected.” ~ Dr. Lawrence Palevsky


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