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I am a registered nurse in the state of Colorado and have been since 2010.
I am vaccine-injured after the Gardasil vaccine. I have lost the function of my ovaries known as premature ovarian failure which has left me unable to have children. I am here today because I use the religious exemption/personal exemption that is given within this great state of Colorado. The reason I have to use the religious/personal exemption is that no doctor will state or put their name on the line that this vaccination caused my health issues and decline to give me a medical exemption.

Now let me explain why the doctors have such a difficult time understanding vaccine injury.
In nursing school, I was never taught about vaccines. I was taught what the schedule was, that they were safe and how to give the injection. We never discussed the pharmacology of what goes into a vaccine. We never discussed potential side effects. We never discussed reactions. I did not even know about the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) until I did my research.
So, if the medical professionals are not being taught that there are risks how can we as medical professionals possibly identify a reaction? These parents behind me come to us to get help and they get dismissed and ignored because the medical and nursing schools are not teaching doctors and nurses to identify reactions or even that they are happening.

THIS is why VAERS is not getting the correct data collection and why the estimate is only 1% of vaccine reactions are reported because doctors and nurses don’t know what a reaction is or even how to report it!

Vaccines are still medication and it still carries risks, it is still a man-made in the lab. This is not different than any other medication and there needs to be a discussion about the risks, benefits and side effects.

Without this religious exemption, I would not be able to work. Just because I don’t vaccinate myself doesn’t mean I cannot be objective and continue to care for patients just like any other nurse. Most healthcare facilities require a yearly flu vaccine and without it and this being a right to work state they could let me go. Without the religious/personal exemption, I cannot continue to do what I love and care for the people that need me most.

– Stephanie

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