Opposition to “The Vaccine Consumer Protection Bill” [Call to Action]

Two bills promoting medical freedom have been drafted and assigned to a committee.

That’s GOOD news.

The committee they are assigned to, isn’t…

Geitner’s parental rights bill and the Marble/Saine bill involving employer-mandated vaccines were sent to the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee.  

This Committee is known as, “The Kill Committee”.

Kill Committees are designed to take bills that the majority don’t want and kill them, preventing them from entering the House or Senate floors.

It’s ugly!

As you may already know, Dave Williams has written a great bill about consumer rights with vaccines.

“The Vaccine Consumer Protection Bill” would:

  • Require health care providers and facilities to provide vaccine information to patients and ensure that the patient or the patient’s parent/guardian complete a vaccination contraindication checklist created by the State Board of Health;
  • Require health care providers and health care facilities to report vaccine adverse events to the vaccine adverse event reporting system;
  • Prohibit health care providers and facilities from recommending or administering a vaccine to a patient who is under 18 years of age without parental consent;
  • Prohibit health care providers, facilities, insurers, and schools from treating people who delay or decline vaccinations differently than others;

The Vaccine Consumer Protection Bill DOES NOT… 

  • Promote a position on vaccine choice, rather it focuses on NCVIA of 1986.
  • It does not undermine public health but upholds current rights.
  • Impose any new requirements. It does not penalize doctors for reactions to vaccines.

We want to start a campaign to ensure that his bill goes to the Public Health Care & Human Services committee. Let’s flex some muscle and show KC Becker (Speaker of the House) and Alec Garnett (House Majority Leader) that we want this bill properly discussed and debated.

What can you do?

1. Send an email to KC Becker and Alec Garnett.
2. Talk to everyone you know about doing the same thing, TODAY!

Demand that they give this bill a fair hearing with the right committee!

We know you can make some noise… We’ve seen it!

The fight is here! Let’s support Williams’ bill!

House Speaker KC Becker
Phone: 303-866-2578
Email: kcbecker.house@state.co.us
Address: 200 E Colfax RM 307 Denver, CO 80203

House Majority Leader Alec Garnett
Phone: 303-866-2911
Email: alec.garnett.house@state.co.us
200 E Colfax RM 307 Denver, CO 80203

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

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