5 Reasons Why MAC Chose to Participate in the Stand for Colorado Rally?

1) To fight for Medical Freedom in Colorado. MAC is dedicated to unifying and serving the people of Colorado.

2) We MUST work together to collaborate and reach a broader base of freedom fighters. As citizens of Colorado we desire for people to understand the concept of bodily autonomy. The truth is that your entire family could be in jeopardy if you let the government mandate when medical interventions MUST be made without the freedom to define for oneself what health entails. 

3) This is not a pro-vax, or anti-vax issue. The bottom line is that we, come from many positions. We are staunch supports of informed consent and consumer protection. We are avid believers that this issue is about Medical Freedom vs. Medical Tyranny. We will defend our rights to make medical decisions without coercion, tracking, re-education, and retaliation from the government. 

4) Medical Autonomy Colorado wants to encourage everyone to get behind the new groups within their communities. We are a diverse group that is united against government force regarding vaccines and we believe that everyone has the right and obligation to medical decision that reflect their own and their family’s best interest. 

5) We wanted to take this opportunity to announce and celebrate with fellow freedom fighters the Vaccine Consumer Protection Bill that Senator Dave Williams presented. This is a non-partisan bill that seeks to give information and protections to people who vaccinate, people who delay, or decline shots, while empowering and protecting Doctors.  

Regardless, of your religious beliefs, personal beliefs, lifestyle, or party affiliation this is a time when we must unite and come together to represent a movement that will be discussed for years to come. 

We are anti-force and anti-propaganda. We seek the truth and believe in real science with respectful dialog.

Connect with us to encourage, empower and equip one another with the tools to shift this movement in favor of bodily autonomy! 

MAC stands with Coloradoans! 

We, the citizens of Colorado, stood together yesterday to represent a free people! 

We come from all walks of life and agree that is our responsibility to reject forced political agendas and oppressive mandates. The government of Colorado has a responsibility to protect the human rights, including preserving bodily autonomy. We MUST reserve the right to decide what goes into our bodies and the bodies of our children. We oppose any bill that undermines a citizen’s right to bodily autonomy.