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The below toolkit is targeted to all State Board Directors.

Here is this toolkit’s message:

Dear State Board Director,

There is a bill on the Governor’s desk that will greatly impact the future of Colorado’s public education. SB 163 will negatively affect test scores and rankings and cause our schools to lose top performing students. Thousands of Colorado families, including mine, will withdraw our children from schools and enrichment programs which will further affect already underfunded schools. In the midst of drastic budget cuts, our schools can’t afford to lose $10,000/child in additional funding.

COVID 19 hit after this bill was introduced to the Colorado legislature and much has changed since then. Please contact Governor Polis and demand that he VETO SB 163, as this ill-timed bill will further remove legislative oversight and stakeholder input in future vaccine legislation. Colorado education simply can’t afford SB 163.

Thank you,

or send individually to the officials listed below: